Unfinished Love Story – Hug Day

12th Feb – Promise Day

I wish a hug would say what I never could.

I wish I could hug you and go to a place where everything is right, where no one is hurting, where there is no pain.

I wish to hug you so tight that all the broken pieces will join back.

I wish I would never let go.

So today I would just imagine and hope you would too.

Happy Hug Day


Until next time,


Unfinished Love Story – Promise Day

11th Feb – Promise Day


I promise never to forget your smile.

I promise never to hurt you again.

I promise to pray for your happiness everyday.

I promise I’ll learn to love again, to smile again, to live again.

I promise I wont hide away in my shell.

But one promise I need from you.

Please promise you will take care of yourself.

Happy Promise Day

Until next time,

Unfinished Love Story – Teddy Day

10th Feb – Teddy Day

A Teddy is a girl’s best friend. Comforting her in her childhood. Saving her from monsters under her bed. A reminder of love of her parents or close ones.

As she grows up, it becomes a gift of love from someone special. Someone who cherishes her inner child. The teddy becomes the symbol of love and compassion. A companion in her loneliness.

It watches her every day. It sees her working, it sees her smiling while thinking of her special one. It sees her crying for her lost love and becomes a reminder of the fondest memories.

A teddy becomes a part of her life.

This Teddy Day, I just want you to remember all the moments spent with your teddy.

Happy Teddy Day


Until next time,

Unfinished Love Story – Propose Day

8th Feb – Propose Day

I am wondering, what can I say on Propose Day.

I can’t ask for marriage or love – as that’s something that could never be mine.
I can’t ask for friendship – as that can’t live amidst broken dreams.

What I want today is serenity. A lingering calm when I look back and imagine your smile.

The biggest ‘What If’ to stop tormenting me. The disappointment of giving up without even trying.

Today I propose to let go. To let go of all the ‘What Ifs’ and the Disappointments, of all the times when I wished you would say what I wanted to hear.

Today I propose a new beginning for both of us. A new beginning to discover ourselves, to find the love we need in our own souls. To fall in love with ourselves – today and every day from today.

Happy Propose Day


Until next time,

Unfinished Love Story – Rose Day

I think we all have someone with whom we want to write a different ending. Maybe someone who died too soon, leaving many thing unspoken. Or maybe a love story, where you wish for a different ending.

I too have a lost love story. A story which ended before starting. A story where more words were left unsaid than spoken.

So, this week before valentine day’s, I have decided to dedicate each day to him and say everything that I would have said if we were together.

7th Feb – Rose Day


Red Rose to say how much I love and respect you.


Yellow Rose is for friendship.


Pink Rose shows my gratitude for everything you did for me.


White Rose signifies purity and innocence.

Six roses tell you how much I need you

Best Valentine Quotes friends

With these roses I wish you a Happy Rose Day.

Until next time,