Unfinished Love Story – Propose Day

8th Feb – Propose Day

I am wondering, what can I say on Propose Day.

I can’t ask for marriage or love – as that’s something that could never be mine.
I can’t ask for friendship – as that can’t live amidst broken dreams.

What I want today is serenity. A lingering calm when I look back and imagine your smile.

The biggest ‘What If’ to stop tormenting me. The disappointment of giving up without even trying.

Today I propose to let go. To let go of all the ‘What Ifs’ and the Disappointments, of all the times when I wished you would say what I wanted to hear.

Today I propose a new beginning for both of us. A new beginning to discover ourselves, to find the love we need in our own souls. To fall in love with ourselves – today and every day from today.

Happy Propose Day


Until next time,


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