My First Blog

Yesterday I came across a new word – Pistanthrophobia. It is fear of trusting people. I found the list of things we fear the most –
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of being ridiculed
• Fear of failure
• Fear of being wrong
• Fear of committing ourselves and having to follow through
• Fear of being taken advantage of

I realized that I could identify with all of them. And then I realized something else too – that I was not alone. If I can find this list so easily on 2nd or 3rd result by Google, that means it’s pretty common.
So, I decided to take the most trusted approach to cure my fear – facing it.

This idea of having an open diary is a result of that. I realize that I don’t have close people with whom I can talk but everyone needs someone to talk to. Technology has been blamed to bring distance in relationships. I want to see if technology can help a shy, introvert girl in overcoming her fears.

I have no plans how often I will post in this blog. But I know I will post hoping somewhere someone will read it and feel like they can relate to it.

Until next time,